Monday, March 23, 2009

Viva La Frida!!!

This is the card I sent my partner...maybe more glitter was in order...

This lovely card was sent to me all the way from Olvera Street in California!

A Frida Notecard swap brings more fun in the mail all the way from Olvera Street in Los Angeles!

My partner created this beautiful card for me with Frida fabric, some glitter and embellishments, just lovely! So lovely I'm framing it!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Olvera street, it is one of the oldest parts of Los Angeles, the area is known for it's Mexican Culture, they host festivals on several Latin holidays ...check it out
definitely on my list of must do/places to visit!

The card I sent to my partner is the first one of the two pictures presented above...I kept it simple...not sure what inspired me to do so...but I did....and actually like it...though I would like to retry a go in the opposite direction with a little more "Jooj"

If I do...I'll definitely post it.
Alas the witching hour...this insomniac must go to bed!!!
Make today wonderful.


  1. hello... i tried posting just now, but i think it didn't get thru.
    Anyway, nice meeting ya! I'm ellysn from blog followers swaps. My blog:

  2. Ha, I was already following you! I love your Frida Atc's. Hell...I love Frida!

    xox, Tonya
    Tonya211 @ swap-bot

  3. Yay...swap buddies! thanks for checking me out!
    Viva Frida!

  4. hello....well I went out, had fun in a very quiet, controlled, grown up way!!
    not quite sure if it's me!

    thanks for visiting my blog...the felt necklaces are so easy, you must try some. just get some proper wool, crochet something, felyt it! small is good to start with!

    I love Frida stuff too, so really like the cards (and the little pint of guinness I found when I scrolled down!)

    Hope you have a good day....I'm off to do 2 night shifts as a sensible midwife!!
    Nicki x

  5. Oh wow! Thats a fantastic card!! I'm not that artistic to make anything as fancy as yours! Great job you did on it too!

    crochetferretlvr from the swap-bot

  6. Those turned out amazing! I bet your partners where thrilled opening the mail you sent them. I know I would!

    Andrea Lynn@swap-bot