Thursday, February 26, 2009

A midnight doll party...

As some of you can tell by the title of this blog...I am indeed an insomniac.
The witching hour is my crafting hour. Last night as I stayed up working on a new series of little dolls, I stepped outside for a moment for a puppy potty break (my little dog Luke is a night owl too)...I came back in to find my little dolls and puppy toys were having a husband ...funny guy had rearranged my work stuff into a little toy party, and even in the midnight hour, and even though he was tucked back in cozily in bed...he made me smile...pure silliness!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday Fun... Swaps in the mailbox!

I have recently discovered and became instantly fascinated with a swap site I came across on the internet( . A wonderful little club where Crafters, Moms, Knitters, Scrapbookers all share their creativity and gifts of little surprises via snail mail ( though some swaps are e-mail driven)..You can swap almost anything! Bookmarks, Postcards, Journals, ATC's, Color themed goodies, you name it...if it's fun and in the humor of making someone's on there!
I can't tell you what fun it's been to recieve handmade items from swap buddies across America and beyond. The silly joy in peaking inside the mailbox to find within - a letter or a package in a strange handwriting mixed in with the usual bunch of bills and offers, a bit of magic in an envelope from somewhere far far away, with contents that spill out in a varied array of pretty stationery, ribbons, gel pens, hand made arts and crafts!
Today I received my first ATC (artist trading card) packaged just so with a little bow and some vintage bits to add to my collection of bits and bobs and two recipes beginning with the letter "P" written on postcards courtesy of two swap pals from my Recipe Swap.
My first Swap was a Valentine Button Fairy, this little fairy was sent all the way to the Netherlands!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My very first blog!
After years of admiring and watching the lovely lives and blogs of warm fuzzy crafters, artists, creators, gardeners, bakers and true live-rs of shabby chic, beatnik boh, and romantic collectors and their sweet existence... full on with fluffy cats (which sadly,I'm allergic to) and fluffy lives, every embellishment and bit of ephemera tucked in just so, in a sweet artist's path...I finally found my way!
Alas...the world of blogging! A live diary in where I too can track my creative existence and confirm my commitment to following my inner me and facing every little artistic challenge that comes my way, be it by way of cupcake, sculpey, puppy or paper...lets Blog!!

I am a baker, a puppy mom, a happy wife, a proud Latina and now a blogger.