Thursday, February 26, 2009

A midnight doll party...

As some of you can tell by the title of this blog...I am indeed an insomniac.
The witching hour is my crafting hour. Last night as I stayed up working on a new series of little dolls, I stepped outside for a moment for a puppy potty break (my little dog Luke is a night owl too)...I came back in to find my little dolls and puppy toys were having a husband ...funny guy had rearranged my work stuff into a little toy party, and even in the midnight hour, and even though he was tucked back in cozily in bed...he made me smile...pure silliness!


  1. That is so sweet! Bet those babies were sleepy the next day after the all night party! :-) I'm a late night worker too - it's about 10pm that inspiration hits!! Lovely blog! Becky :-) (maysparkles from swap-bot)

  2. Hugs for getting it! Enjoyed your blog too! excited to have new partners to follow!
    Thank for the compliments,,,new to the whole thing,,,and enjoyiing it!