Thursday, February 19, 2009

My very first blog!
After years of admiring and watching the lovely lives and blogs of warm fuzzy crafters, artists, creators, gardeners, bakers and true live-rs of shabby chic, beatnik boh, and romantic collectors and their sweet existence... full on with fluffy cats (which sadly,I'm allergic to) and fluffy lives, every embellishment and bit of ephemera tucked in just so, in a sweet artist's path...I finally found my way!
Alas...the world of blogging! A live diary in where I too can track my creative existence and confirm my commitment to following my inner me and facing every little artistic challenge that comes my way, be it by way of cupcake, sculpey, puppy or paper...lets Blog!!

I am a baker, a puppy mom, a happy wife, a proud Latina and now a blogger.