Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Homage to St. Paddy's Day

My tiny homage to St. Patricks Day! I created a tiny homage to St. Paddy's favorite pint! Though not much of a beer drinker denying my love of a creamy pint of Guinness....Ireland's favorite pint. This little item is posted on etsy...though I have not sold anything on etsy yet in my one week...I have sold 4 little pints...3 pins and one necklace outside of etsy...something! A little anti=etsy. (not really...just local sales... a new awareness created)..but selling my mini art none the less. If you are all means check out my etsy site...seller name: sugarmoontreasures


  1. The product you have to sell is really good. Sometimes that isn't enough to be successful with Etsy, but it is still a huge accomplishment to make something so cute and unique.

    I'm glad I found your blog.

    ~beinred from swapbot

  2. Thanks...for the encouragement! love your blog!