Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Every Step of the Journey...

Hello again and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and that the ringing in of the New Year was full of hope and happy thoughts!

I found myself in many ways relieved to be done with the last year. A year filled with so many so fun. Though last year was laced with a little bitter and a little dark, it was also overflowing with so many bright, wonderful things,experiences and people.

We rang in the New Year, with thanks in our hearts, for our togetherness, our health,our happiness. Truth be told though my holidays were a whirlwind;I can honestly say, judging by the pictures and having slowed down enough to finally take it all in, the memories created and time shared with family and friends were precious and worth every effort and energy drink consumed in an effort to keep up!

Life's "stuff" and Work have kept me quite busy these days and again at a distance from what I love most...crafting,baking,socializing and blogging.

Haiti's tragedy weighs heavily on my heart, and reminds me of how blessed I am, and how needed my prayers are. I reassess my existence and of those around me and try to put my arms around this suffering.

As 2010 continues to progress my cautious steps become stronger, I am insisting on Life's balance. I find myself recommitting to my personal self and joyful journey that is creating and entertaining through the palate, eye, heart,hands and every means that makes each step matter.

Every step of the the journey.

The picture is of a fairy in a jar created as a gift the quote on jar is just that...Every step of the the journey


  1. Thanks so much for follownig my blog! I love yours! Lukie and Tinka are just adorable!
    Have a lovely day.

  2. Beautifully written! Hopefully 2010 turns out to be a good year.