Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Holidays are here!!!!!

Well, there ya current reaction to the the onslaught and speed of this cozy #@!&* holiday! How the heck did this wondrous time of home-baked goodness, holly jolly cheerful crap and evergreen scents come upon us so quickly? I was still relishing the last of the stuffing that came so late this year, and the next thing I know...I am freaking out! It's early yet I told myself, you have plenty of time, by all realistic Santa gauges- "I'm doing great, ahead of the game" I say...not black Friday ahead of the game, but ahead...ha ha...I thought... until today... when the only Camden corduroy shirt I could buy for my husband in his size was Khaki (nothing against, but being a red head he looks much better in blue or I think),not to mention there are no more personalized kid car carriers or cool train thingies with a carrying case you could get personalized for the one and only nephew who thinks you're a super duper Auntie star (cuz he's 2)! We could go into what the heck to buy people who want not, need not and really (I don't believe) care for anymore pics of my dogs in halloween garb or christmas garb or any garb really. I had visions I tell you...of rum balls, and home baked cookies, home made lemon curd,hand made ornaments and mountains of stuff in my etsy store...not complaining...just overwhelmed all of a mantra says "keep it simple, keep it light", my insomnia says, "there will be no sleep tonight!"(as I obsess on what to get my mother in law)...with that said...happy shopping to all and to all a good night (well maybe for some of you)!
Happy Onslaught of Holiday Madness, may it be stress free and full of eggnog and really fun gifts...okay screw the fun gifts...full of eggnog (and fruitcake...I actually really like fruitcake...Dear Santa...I'll take a fruit cake.) I am NOT the fruitcake...I would like a fruitcake!

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