Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Busy Bee!!

Hello fellow bloggers,

Just wanted to check in! It's been so long...I have most definately missed my blogging time!

I recently started a new job...between crafting, baking, working and life in general, there has not been a whole lot of room for this happy past time!

I will be posting some of my newest creations very soon...I had the coolest pic for Frida's Birthday on July 6th ( a little swap-bot ornie I created for a fun frida swap), and again life and work would not allow me blog time!

Please keep checking in...I love sharing and all the feedback from my blogging pals...we've got some serious catching up to do!

Hope to have some new posts up this weekend, so check in next week and see what's been going on! Hugs and Happiness to all of you!


  1. Hello! I am new to your blog. I just seen those two adorable little furbabies and had to come see about them. You have a very nice blog and I want to wish you luck with your new job! Twyla

  2. I love Frida! I have been trying to decide if I want to try making artist trading cards. They look so fun!

  3. Good luck with your new job!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes on the new job...loving it...but missing craft time!