Monday, July 20, 2009

Say what you feel today...

It took me a little longer to get back here than I thought it would. Todays blog is not where I imagined it would go this time around, but life dictates it's subject and we follow through at times a bit baffled,a bit thrown off, and at times heavy hearted.
Through my most recent connections with facebook I have been blessed and delighted by life's re-connections via this wonderful tool...our beloved internet...blasts from the past...from elementary school, to summer camp, teen-ie hey day,college and some.
It was through facebook I recently connected with an old friend... the older boy hottie patottie (from my teenage years) who grew into a beautiful,responsible, loving, upbeat, animal lover... truly a caring sensitive grown man, loved by all, who sadly passed away this week at 45.
His loss came as a huge shock to so many who loved him. This week I've played my share of Zeppelin and old tunes shed some tears and have been sorely reminded that no one is guaranteed tommorrow.
If you have something to say... I Love You, I'm proud of you, I am grateful for your friendship,I miss you...say it...if you need to get together, pick up a phone, shoot an e-mail, a card , share an old pic, bring a it!. I am grateful for my time with Bruce, youth and adulthood. The world has lost one lovely animal lover, people lover...and all round lover of life! Dear friend you will be missed!

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