Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Royal Tea...

(continental breakfast setting...smack dab in front of the telly!)

The Royal Nuptials fell upon us on a Friday of all days...On this day I chose to give in to my inner romantic and indulge myself with the joys of a Royal Wedding!

I graced my tables with the most romantic notions and at 5:30am or so I began my wedding watch.

(my finest vintage linens perfect for the occasion)

6am - Continental Breakfast- Tea and Crumpets
(the melon and prosciutto never made it's way to the table...sleepy head)
this small crowd was made up of ladies who caught the wedding before work...ah the spirit! Early risers and in Tiaras!!

(Charles and Diana tea set from the 1980's)

Even the front Door received a little wedding "jooje" even if was from Charles and Di's wedding...who could forget the magic?!

12pm Noon - Wedding Luncheon/ Tea
Tea Sandwiches, Baby Quiches, Mimosas, Fresh strawberries and the daintiest delectable sweets. This enthusiastic bunch chose to enjoy it with the same celebratory passion I did!

On the Menu: Curried Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Baby Croissants, Dill Cream Cheese with smoked salmon on cocktail ryes, baby quiches, Raisin bread with carrot ginger cream and walnuts.

... and Oh the hats....Check out this lovely!

A wedding marathon...

All in all I watched the wedding 3 times that day...and loved every glorious bit of it!

That night I slept like I was curled up in a warm vat of honey while visions of wedding veils, horse drawn carriages and tiara's danced in my head. Lovely!
Crumpet anyone?

Tah-tah and Pip Pip for now!

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